Hospital & Home UDT

Hospital & Home Drug Test Kit

Q-Cup Urine Drug Test Kit

The Q-Cup UDT kit is a cup-form kit that is used to test for the presence of drugs in the body system using urine.
It is NAFDAC approved and Quick, Easy and Simple to use.


Unique Features of Q-Cup Drug Test Kit

  • • It is easy to use - Collection of Urine Sample and Interpretation of Result (Positive, Negative, Invalid).

  • • It tests for 11 drugs all at once and gives result in 5 minutes.

  • • Each kit includes helpful Step-by-Step instructions that guides the usage.

  • • It has a temperature strip that checks the temperature of the kits and helps in confirming adulterated and genuine urine samples.

  • • Ease Of Use: It is convenient to use because the sample urine is collected directly in the cup.

  • • It has the adulteration test - a creatinine test that confirms the authenticity of the urine sample being tested.

  • • Do It Yourself (DIY) as you can use the kits at home without going to the hospital.

11 Drugs Tested

• Amphetamine
• Methylenedioxymethamphetamine
• Benzodiazepines
• Marijuana
• Cocaine
• Cotinine
• Ketamine
• Methamphetamine
• Morphine
• Opiates
• Tramadol


How to use the Q-Cup UDT Kit

  • • Urinate into the test cup ensuring that urine is above minimum level.

  • • Cover the cup lid tightly and leave cup on a flat surface for about 5minutes.

  • • Peel the label to read result.

  • • Start by comparing the colour on the adulteration test against the colour chart on the interpretation pad provided.
    If satisfactory, then proceed to the next step as below. If not, disregard the test as it suggests that the sample is adulterated.

  • • When you see a red line on C it means positive for that substance

  • • When you see the red line on C and T it means negative for that substance

  • • No red line on C and T or red line shown on T only means repeat the test with a new kit.

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  • 1) Parents: Parents and Guardians can use the UDT kits to test their children to ensure they do they not use drugs and deter them from such trial. Kits can also be used to test Domestic Staff: Drivers, Security Guards, Helpers.

  • 2) Employers: Employers of labor can test their Employees and Candidates to uphold a drug free work environment and prevent workplace accidents.

  • 3) Military, Paramilitary and other law enforcement agencies: Testing of Officers for drug use because alertness, discipline and concentration are needed to deliver on the job.

  • 4) Schools high school and higher institutions: need to test their students to ensure they are not using drugs. This test can be routinely or randomly, eventually it helps to foster healthy behavior.